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Sparrowcat Press is the home of independent Fantasy author Kate Sparkes.


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  1. Hello there! I came across your book Bound and I wondered if you are considering turning this into an audiobook. I would love to send you an audition if so–I can produce the entire thing for you and set up distribution as well via ACX. Please be in touch if you want to discuss further. I usually work directly with publishers but I make exceptions for authors when I am strongly drawn to their material. It would be an honor to work with you!

      • Yes! My website is arikarapson.com. But my style changes dramatically with each project to fit the characters (especially if it’s first character), writing and mood of the book, so I would always be more than happy to do an audition for you for any book you were considering. The demos on there now are more showcasing the variety that publishers like to see on a demo reel, so I would customize something more unique to your project if you wanted to pursue something at some point. Loved your concept for Bound! I’m sure that will make a terrific audiobook. 🙂

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