All the Queen’s Knaves

Uncommon fairy tale retellings, unusual heroines, and unforgettable adventure!

In a land like Andonia, anything is possible.

A talented swindler might team up with a charming prince to pull off a heist of gigantic proportions at the top of a beanstalk.

A young woman who once helped her brother kill a witch might find that the only way to stop a curse is to open herself to the magic she’s been taught to fear.

A vigilante who’s hunting down the “wolves” who killed her grandmother might open a forbidden door and uncover a secret that turns hunter into prey.

An unusual young woman with a dark destiny might decide to take fate into her own hands.

And their fates just might be tied together in ways none of them can imagine.

Books 1-3 available now through most ebook retailers and in paperback/hardcover, with more coming soon. Visit for details and links!